GRProto Fly Reels

Robust, Minimalistic, and Functional. Simply better.
Welcome to our GRProto family of reels. Sized to pair up with 4 wt. through 10+ wt. rods, our GRProto reels are modern and minimalistic with a nod to classic reel design, engineered to give you a better experience on the water.
  • Patent pending Tool-Free Channel Locking Drag System
    • Two-point adjustable Infinite Drag
    • Fully configurable
    • Tool-free access for switching retrieve direction and fine-tuning
    • Sealed at two points on each end for saltwater use
  • Engineered materials for premium performance
    • Self-lubricating braking surfaces for smooth consistent drag.
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Fully configurable
    • Virtual Zero Startup Inertia. Set your drag and fish light tippet in confidence.
  • Full Cage Tripod Frame 
    • Extends life of fly line
    • Ideal for stripping baskets or on boats
    • The best solution for thin diameter shooting line systems
    • Rounded reel foot 
    • Protects long leaders/tippet when wrapping line around the reel
  • Removable clicker 
    • Click mode or stealth mode Interchangeable Spools
    • 4+ and 6+ spools are interchangeable on the A-Frame
    • 8+ and 10+ spools are interchangeable on the B-Frame

We believe that fly reels are the one piece of fly fishing equipment that shouldn’t wear out, and that's why our GRProto reels are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. Fish it hard, put it away wet, and pass it on to the next Generation.
Designed and fabricated in the Rocky Mountains, USA.
Fished everywhere.  

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